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10 Definite Signs That You're A 90's and 00's Kid
Jonah Ryan
10. You remember when Facebook was just for Harvard Students

9. Your first phone was this:

8. You had a creepy Furby toy

7. You or someone you know were addicted to Pokemon

6. You've seen every episode of the hit show Friends and probably know a lot of scenes word for word

5. You grew up reading Harry Potter

4. You've mended a broken heart with New Kids on the Block, BoyZone or The Spice Girls

3. Youspent a summer riding around on one of these

2. Crash Bandicoot was the first PlayStation game you played

  1. You thought you were pretty cool wearing body glitter


About the Author

Jonah Ryan: Attempted comedian, wannabe journalist, amateur chef, slot guru. I walk faster when I see a creepy van.
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