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10 Ridiculously Cute Pictures that Demonstrate Cat Logic
Jonah Ryan
Almost every cat owner thinks that they know what their pet is thinking, and why they do the crazy things that they do. Cat's are funny and adorable animals that keep us entertained no matter what they are doing. Here are 10 examples of cat logic.

10. A very relaxed dinner

9. Of course, I can fit in here

8. What are you looking at?

7. Life in the fast lane


6. No, this is much more comfortable

5.How do you make this thing work?

4. Hard at work

3. Best gift ever!

2. Nothing like a good stretch

  1. I do it my way!

About the Author

Jonah Ryan: Attempted comedian, wannabe journalist, amateur chef, slot guru. I walk faster when I see a creepy van.
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