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12 Of The Most Embarrassing "Welcome Home" Signs Of All Time
Alex Bourque
Coming home from a long trip and seeing the smiling faces of those you love most in the world has to be one of the greatest feelings, right?

Well, maybe not if those very loved ones are determined to embarrass yousomething the people in the photos below absolutely nail! Check out the funniest airport pickup signs on the web below:

1. "My friend just got home from a trip. This was her family greeting her at the airport."

2. Vader visits the Denver International Airport.

3. Now that you're home, where are the groceries?

4. "This is how my friend's dad greeted her at the airport yesterday. BEST DAD EVER!"

5. The cutest sign!

6. "This is how my Mom greeted me at the airport after having not seen me for a few years. She made me walk through the entire airport under her left arm."

7. "How I welcomed my brother home at the airport after a year at university"


8. "Picked my brother and sister in law up at the airport today!"

9. "My friend's daughter just flew by herself for the first time. This was how he greeted her at the airport."

10. "This is how my dad picks me up from the airport. Needless to say, people were disappointed when I showed up."

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