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Things Millennials Spend Their Money On That Baffle People
Ian Marsh
Millennials are criticized by older generations for literally everything. From allegedly not being hardworking enough to spending their money irresponsibly, there's nothing the millennials haven't been targeted about. And perhaps the wacky things this generation spends their money on is one of the reasons!

Millennials have gotten tons of attention recently on the bizarre and hilarious things they're willing to spend their money on. From kitchen gadgets that promise to make cooking with avocados easier to unicorn-themed merchandise that literally has no purpose other than to make you smile, there are some random trends taking over millennials' wallets. You'll be surprised to learn what this generation likes spending their money on. And, hey, maybe you're guilty of indulging in one or two of the things on this list.

Avocado Accessories

Don't ask us why, but millennials are strangely obsessed with avocados for some reason. That's why you can find tons of avocado-centric accessories available online and in-store that promise to make cooking with avocados all the easier.

Charcoal Toothpaste

When we brush our teeth, we're hoping the end result is going to be a pearly white smile. So, it seems pretty counter-intuitive to put something black on our teeth. But this new trend- charcoal toothpaste- has millennials doing just that.

24-Karat Gold Facemasks

A sheet mask here and there is nice, but millennials have taken this trend to a whole new level when they started buying gold facemasks. And, yes, we really do mean facemasks with gold infused in it!

Magnetic Eyelashes

Anyone who wears false eyelashes knows what a pain they can be to get on and make them stay on throughout the entire day. This new breakthrough in beauty- magnetic eyelashes- promises to revolutionize how you wear falsies and cut the application time in half.

Adult Coloring Books

Evidently, millennials are all about bringing out their inner child if this trend is any indication! Adult coloring books have skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years. You can find tons of adult-oriented coloring books with all sorts of themes that cover TV shows, pop culture, or everyday life.

Holographic Clothing

Given what people used to wear in the '80s and '90s, we don't think the millennial fashion of today is too bad. However, even this generation has its fair share of questionable trends. One popular one that we're just not sure of it holographic clothing.

Fidget Spinners

At first, elementary kids were bringing them to school or begging their parents to buy one for them for a ridiculous price. Then it became acceptable for adults to play around with them, and you likely suddenly found yourself in possession of one of these things.

Black Water

In recent years, grocery stores have been carrying bottled black water, which is as odd as it sounds. Black water promises to come with tons of health benefits as it's infused with fulvic and humic minerals that work to refresh and invigorate your body.


Millennials have been loving the Roomba, which is a self-cleaning robot that will drive around your house picking up dirt and grime from your floors. The Roomba's sensors are able to detect the presence of obstacles so you won't have to worry about it crashing into things.

Pop Sockets

There's always some new gadget on the market that promises to transform your cell phone experience, and pop sockets are the latest one to capture the attention of millennials.

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