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Beyonce Brings X Factor Singer To Tears As She Joins Her For Mind-Blowing Duet
Alex Bourque
London-based singing sensation Alexandra Burke shot to fame almost 10 years ago as a contestant on the "The X Factor UK." But she would never be where she is today with two chart-topping albums and singles, a lucrative career in musical theatre, and a spot on a popular BBC dancing show if she'd thrown in the towel after her first loss.

That loss came during the talent show's second season when she failed to make the final cut. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, Alexandra sought out professional singing lessons and three years later she reappeared for the fifth season and won!

A highlight of that season was the 20-year-old's rendition of "Listen" from Beyonc's 2003 album B'Day a spine-tingling ode that she sang beautifully on her own. But when Alexandra introduced her "hero" halfway through andBeyonc strolled onstage, the performance was brought to a whole new level.

What a beautiful pair in every sense of the word!

"She's a superstar," Beyonc responded when asked what she thought of Alexandra's performance. "Absolutely. Such a beautiful voice, such a beautiful young lady and I'm very, very happy to sing with you tonight."

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