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Body-activist model Ashley Graham says a talk show "is in the works"
Zoe Poindexter
In a recent interview, supermodel Ashley Graham revealed that the creation of her own talk show just may be "in the works." Her recent friendship with Gayle King helped spark this idea.

"You know what theAshley Graham Showis coming! I've already had a couple of amazing offers, so it's in the works," Graham told E News, "Gayle Kinghas turned into a great friend and she said, 'You know Oprah, she had a show, you wanna fill up her shoes?' And I said, 'Yes, Gayle! I wanna fill up Oprah's shoes!'"

A talk show would be a new endeavor for the body-positivity activist, but Graham is no stranger to making "bold" career moves, she said during her interview. This year she was named a new Global Ambassador for Revlon with a modeling contract that's changing history. She also just gave a TED Talk on the power of self-acceptance and the problem with the term "plus sized."

"In my career I've had to make bold moves along the way," she said, "Now looking back on it, saying yes to the TED talk was a really big, bold move for me because I was frightened. It was my very first major public speaking event."

The biggest and scariest career move the 30-year-old has made was switching modeling agencies in order to find one that could better represent her.

"Moving agencies was a big deal because I was agent-less for about six months and those were the agents who told me, 'You will never be on the covers and this is just not a place for curvy women in high fashion,''' Graham explained. "And to go into an agency that had never even handled curvy women was a whole new hurdle."

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