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Brands We're Loving In 2018
Alex Bourque
With the fashion world constantly going through ever-evolving trends, it should come as no surprise that there have been numerous brands that have come and gone without much fanfare. There are a number of different reasons why some brands have quietly gone out of fashion over the years, from Perry Ellis going under due to controversies in his personal life to Ed Hardy's designs simply becoming dated over time. While many people still think of fashion trends as being a revolving door that has styles that constantly come back into fashion, the same isn't always true for designers and various well-known brands.


While other brands seem to peter out after only a few years of success, Louis Vuitton has constantly been able to reinvent itself through celebrity endorsements and ever-evolving styles.


People have sought out activewear that can easily transition from the gym to running errands with ease and Lululemon has definitely fit the bill.


While the patent continues to go through various court rulings, the public has definitely grown to believe that a true red bottom sole is a Christian Louboutin design.


While other brands try and pump out as many designs as possible, Inexclsv focuses on four sweater styles and does each with perfection, using high-quality yarns and hand-sewn detailing.


It is a brand that's constantly seen on Instagram since each piece is made to flow in the breeze and create the perfect picture.


The brand has become the new go-to look for Instagram beauties and has been heralded for its ultra-feminine aesthetic. The signature exposed bra-cup detail is the major hit for 2018 fashion and women are flocking to buy the simple tube tank top at around $200.


Margot Robbie, Hailey Baldwin, and Zendaya are just a few famous faces that have proudly donned a few Manning Cartell pieces in front of photographers and it's only helped the brand to receive a major boost to its sales in 2018.


Rhone is a brand that features activewear and streetwear that has a unique look that stands out from all the rest. It's become hugely popular for those that don't want to buy what everyone else is going to be wearing and the high-quality performance clothing is just a major bonus for those looking for something great in 2018.


Zara stores across the pond have done extremely well and it's been seen as one of the favorite brands for both men and women in Europe.


With the most recent trend in fashion centered on infusing cultural influences into everyday wear, it's no surprise that the Desigual brand has garnered even more popularity.

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