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Carrie Fisher wins posthumous Grammy for best spoken word
Zoe Poindexter
The late Carrie Fisher won a posthumous Grammy Award during the 60th annual pre-show ceremony on Sunday, Jan. 28th.

Fisher won the award in the best spoken word album category for the audio recording of her 2016 memoir thePrincess Diaristwhich documents her experience making the firstStar Warsfilm and portraying the iconic Princess Leia.

She beat out several other big names nominated for the award: Neil deGrasse Tyson forAstrophysics For People in a Hurry, Bruce Springsteen forBorn to Run, Shelly Peiken forConfessions of a Serial Songwriter, and Bernie Sanders and Mark Ruffalo forOur Revolution: A Future to Believe In.

The memoir was published five weeks before the actress' death and made headlines for the revealing details including the confession of an on-set affair with costar Harrison Ford.

Fisher was returning from a European leg of a book tour for the memoir when she suffered from cardiac arrest on board the flight to Los Angelos. She died a few days later on Dec. 27, 2016from sleep apnea and a combination of other factors, including drug use according to the coroner. She was 60 years old.

This was Fisher's second Grammy nomination and first win. She was previously nominated for the same category in 2009 for the recording of another memoirWishful Drinking.She has been nominated for several posthumous awards since her death for her acting and writing, including an Emmy nomintation for outstanding guest actress in a comedy series forCatastrophe.

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