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Crowd Freaks When Macho Frat Bros Bust Into Cheerleading Routine
Jonah Ryan
Fraternities and sororities sometimes get a bad rap, but what most people don't realize is they are all affiliated with national philanthropies for which they advocate and raise funds throughout the year.

Case in point: Sigma Tau Gamma, a fraternity at the University of Central Oklahoma that helps raise funds each year for the Special Olympics. On Saturday, fraternity members participated in the 2017 Homecoming Cheer & Dance competition, and the video of this particular performance has since gone viral.

Since Sigma Tau posted the video, it's been viewed more than 4 million times. And that's not too surprising at least, not as surprising as some of these moves:

Who says everyday guys can't compete with the best of them?

These guys have their routine down pat, complete with back flips, dabs and mid-air splits:

They had no idea their routine would receive so much praise.

"Thank you so much to everyone for the (outpouring) of love over our Homecoming Cheer & Dance routine. We're glad that all of you enjoyed the video as much as we enjoyed performing it. Though we are thrilled that our video has reached such heights, we also understand that we have a greater responsibility to affect positive social change."

"As such, please consider making a donation to the Special Olympics, our national philanthropy."

The Beta Zeta chapter put in more than 80 hours of practice to pull off this routine, intent on maintaining an almost unbroken 7-year winning streak. Some of the funds raised through their viral video will be donated directly to their national philanthropy, while the rest will be used to host a fundraising dance, also to benefit the Special Olympics.

Watch this amazing performance in the video below, and be sure toshareto spread the word and help raise funds for the Special Olympics!

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