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Famous Rapper's Dog Falls Asleep On Jimmy Fallon & The Audience Cannot Stop Laughing
Jonah Ryan
Some might judge rapper 2 Chainz before he even opens his mouth.

He hastattoosand grillz but after watching his most recent appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," you might just think twice before you judge this book by its cover. 2 Chainz brought his dog Trappy along for the ride and the two of them stole the audience's heart before the interview was over.

The video starts with 2 Chainz introducing Trappy to the crowd naturally, everyone loved the cutie.

But it doesn't take long before Trappy grows tired of the attention (and 2 Chainz's story), and starts to nod off.

When Jimmy points out that Trappy has fallen asleep, 2 Chainz pokes fun saying, "He's heard this story before." The French bulldog quickly opens his eyes when the audience erupts in laughter.

But the story that 2 Chainz recounted was about how he broke his leg, and despite his doctor's orders to cancel his tour, he pushed through. "I have three tour buses full of people that I feel like I'm responsible for," so he came up with a solution custom wheelchair to make his fans happy and ensure that the people who were working for him still had jobs.

Even though it's a nice sentiment, Trappy was clearly unimpressed.

It's clear 2 Chainz loves his dog, saying, "That's why he's out here he always just takes the shine away from me," and the pup's owner is totally "cool with it."

Watch the hilarious and adorable interview

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