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Heart-Breaking Deaths While Taking Selfies
Kara Menard
We live in a world where there are millions of people who are obsessed with selfies. This is one of the most revolutionary aspect of photography that we have ever seen. Crude it maybe, but its impact is undeniable. However, sometimes, our obsession with selfies results into having disastrous effects, as evident by today's list. Yes, today, we are going to take a look into some of the heart-breaking deaths that have been caused due to taking a selfie at the wrong time at the wrong place. So, here are 25 heart-breaking deaths while taking selfies. Caution: This list might contain sensitive and disturbing real-life stories related to death. Sensitive audience are requested to practise caution while reading.

Xenia Ignatyeva

Starting our list of 25 heart-breaking deaths while taking selfies at number 25 is Russian teenager Xenia Ignatyeva. This daredevil succumbed to death while posing on the edge of a high-end building. As per reports, she mishandled the selfie stick which led to her losing her balance and falling down from a height of two hundred feet. What is even more surprising is that she died before hitting the ground as she was electrocuted through the live wires on her way down.

David Gonzalez Lopez

Next up at number 24 is 23-year-old David Gonzalez Lopez. What went wrong for this man was that he stood in front of what is regarded as one of the mightiest beasts on the planet a raging bull. While participating in a festival in Villaseca de la Sagra in Spain, Lopez tried to take a selfie with a raging bull, and to nobody's surprise, he was brutally crushed to death. And you can't even blame the bull here.

Mr. Chen

At number 21 on our list comes a Chinese man, who is being referred to as Mr. Chen. Found dead at the bottom of a ravine near a waterfall in Zhejiang in Eastern China in 2015, his body was accompanied with a mobile phone and a selfie stick. It has been speculated from the photographs found in his phone that he lost his footing and slipped down to his death while taking a selfie.

The American Man

Grabbing the 7thspot on the list is a 43-year-old American man who met his demise while taking a selfie with a gun. What he thought to be an empty gun was actually a loaded gun. His girlfriend who was with him told that they were taking selfies all day with that gun. Before taking photos, the man unloaded the gun every time and replaced them after they were done. But on the last attempt, he forgot to take out one bullet from the gun, which proved to be fatal for him.

Two Russian Men

At number 6 comes two Russian men who accidently blew each other out as they attempted to take a selfie of themselves with a hand grenade whose pin was pulled out. Both of them perished and the only thing that remained of the blast was the mobile phone.

Chezka Agas

Number 5 on our list of 25 heart-breaking deaths while taking selfies belongs to an 18-year-old Filipino woman Chezka Agas. As she celebrated a friend's birthday in a beach, she posed for a selfie along with her friends. The civil engineer student was caught off-guard when a huge wave struck her and her friends. She was immediately hospitalised but was declared dead by drowning. The incident took place in Barangay Masikil in front of the famous Bangui windmills.

The Pilot

Number 3 on our list of 25 heart-breaking deaths while taking selfie belongs to a 29-year-old pilot of a Cessna 150K in Colorado, USA. A GoPro camera was attached to the windshield of the plane that showed that the pilot was texting and taking selfies with his passengers. The plane crashed on one of the jaunts, which killed the pilot and a passenger.

Akshay Joshi & Pratik Bhatt

Coming in at number 2 on our list are two young Indian students Akshay Joshi, 22 and Pratik Bhatt, 20, who met their demise while trying to get a selfie in front of the Narmada Canal in India. When Joshi lost his balance and fell into the water, Bhatt went on to save him. However, he ended up drowning too and both of them lost their lives.

The Seven Men

Number 1 on our list of 25 heart-breaking deaths while taking selfie comes the catastrophic death of seven young men while on a picnic in 2015. As a group of 10 young men went for a picnic near Mangrul Lake in Kuhi Taluka, India, they lost themselves in their own world. When seven of them got into a boat and started clicking pictures, they didn't realize that all of them were standing on one side of the boat, and it soon went haywire and the boat capsized, drowning all of them. The three remaining friends soon informed everyone, although the damage was already done. The seven people who died were aged between 18 to 27.


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