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Incredible Illustrations About An Artist's Crazy Everyday Life With His Wife, Including Real Pictures Of The Beautiful Couple
Kara Menard
o you remember Yehuda Adi Devir? The Tel-Aviv-based illustratorhas already shared with ussome of his crazy everyday moments with his beloved wife, Maya.

Their loving, romantic, and hilarious situations perfectly describe what long-term relationships look like. They both seem to enjoy the little things - and is there a greater affirmation of love than using your life with your partner as the main topic in your art?

The comic artist and character designer hasn't stopped creating adorable comics about the daily adventures with his wife. Maya, also an artist, collaborates with Yehuda on the series.

Scroll down to check out their newest illustrations, as well as some pictures of themselves in real life!

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Kara Menard: Genius, filmmaker, serial careerist, unicorn rrider. I will lick you if you come into my personal space.
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