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Judges Weren't Impressed By Shy Teen, But Jaws Drop When She Starts Singing
Kara Menard
Everybody's got a talent or two, but sometimes those talents are so incredible that the entire world sits up and takes notice!

During the auditions for the second season of "TheX Factor," 13-year-oldCarly Rose Sonenclar ofMamaroneck, New York, took to the stage looking like your typical teenage girl. She had jean shorts on paired with sandals. The judges probably weren't expecting much but then she opened her mouth and started singing!

Carly choseNina Simone's Bluesy song "Feeling Good," and she managed to do the legendary songstress justice with her soulful voice and riveting performance.

No one could believe that such a huge voice was coming out of such a petite girl!

In fact, judge L.A. Reid told her, "Honey, you may be 13, but your soul is old!"

Carly's incredible audition achieved the rarest of honors: a standing ovation from all four judges, L.A., Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, and even that old curmudgeon, Simon Cowell.

While Carly didn't end up winning the whole competition, in the end, she did come in first runner-up."A star has just been found on that stage," Simon said.

We couldn't agree more!

Watch Carly's awe-inspiring performance below, and don't forget tosharethis story to spread this young girl's talents.


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