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Lady Gaga dedicates Grammy performance to late aunt, honors 'Times Up'
Zoe Poindexter
Lady Gaga put on an angelic performance at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in New York City.

The pop singer was one of the many celebrities who wore white roses to the ceremonies Sunday night to voice support for the #MeToo movement and the Times Up initiative to end sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace.

Taking a break from the final leg of herJoanneworld tour-- which ends on Feb. 23 in Berlin-- Gaga took to the Grammy's stage at Madison Square Garden with a heart-wrenching rendition ofJoanneandA Million Reasons.

"This is for my father's late sister, Joanne," she said, before beginning. "This is for love and compassion even when you can't understand."

Sitting at a white grand piano covered in an illuminated display of angel wings, the star played while singing the powerful lyrics of her album's title track while Mark Ronson strummed a guitar. Transitioning from one song to the next, Gaga said, "Time's Up," and belted out her hit "Million Reasons."

Hours before the show, Gaga shared a touching message on social media about how she was hoping totransform the "deep grief"that inspiredJoanneinto "hope and healing."

"I have carried adeep griefin my heart over my family's tragedy," she wrote, referring to her late aunt,Joanne Stefani Germanotta, whodied of lupus complications at age 19.

A six-time Grammy winner,Gaga was nominated heading into Sunday's ceremony for Best Pop Solo Performance for her hit single "Million Reasons," and Best Pop Vocal Album for Joanne.

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