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Lovable Kayaker Has Cutest Encounter With Iguana Lost At Sea
Jonah Ryan
A Key West kayaker named Steve was coming in from an offshore trip when he "noticed a weird shaped object floating in the distance." He was about 4 miles off shore, so Steve was sure it had to be some kind of fish, but when he got a little closer he was stunned to see it was an iguana!

"It was pretty crazy seeing this guy so far out. I have seen plenty swimming around the islands, but never one that far out," he wrote.

Steve speculated that the little guy was caught in the strong tides and pushed out to sea. "Most likely it would have died out there as the current that far out would most likely push it East with very little chance of coming back inshore," said Steve. "But you never know and it could be its normal daily swim back and forth between Cuba and the US."

Whatever the iguana was doing, it was clear to Steve the little guy could use some help. As soon as he saw Steve, the iguana made his way towards his kayak and hopped on, obviously ready for a break.

The two cruised along the open water together, Steve chatting away to his new friend all the while.


As soon as the iguana saw "the safety of the mangroves close by" he said sayonara to Steve and hopped off.

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Jonah Ryan: Attempted comedian, wannabe journalist, amateur chef, slot guru. I walk faster when I see a creepy van.
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