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Microlino Auto Small Two Seats Electric Car
Kara Menard
The Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems has presented the final version of its small city vehicle Microlino, whose prototype was promoted in 2016 at the Geneva Auto Show.

As it is immediately noticed, the appearance of Microlin is inspired by the legendary BMW Isetta, and there are also characteristic front doors to enter the vehicle.

The Microlino Auto is only 2435 mm long, 1500 mm wide, 300 l capacity and weight up to 450 kg (depending on version and battery).They offer batteries of 8 or 14.4 kWh, so the autonomy is 120 km or 215 km.
For the drive, the electric motor with 15 kW / 20.4KS and 110 Nm is concerned, the acceleration up to 50 km / h lasts 5 seconds and the maximum speed is 90 km / h.
Microlino Auto looks like aPeel P50 microcarfrom 1962. The Peel P50 microcar holds the record for that time as the smallest car that ever goes into production.

"In cooperation with the ZHAW and Designwerk University, we conducted several studies in order to find the ideal balance between the advantages of a motorbike and a car. As we were satisfied with it, we wanted to make the next step: build a prototype.We decided to go to China in order to create the first prototype based on our new design, which was built between August 2015 and January 2016. The car was then presented to the public for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show. This generated over 200 million media contacts and within a week we received more than 500 reservations. In total, over 6300 reservations have been placed since February 2016. ", saidMicro Mobility.

The production of Microlino Auto will start in December 2018 and will first be on the Swiss market. Later in 2019 it will also be offered on the German market.

Micro Mobility Systems will officially offer Microlino on the European market this spring (at a price of around 12,000 euros for the base version), but they say they already have 4,600 pre-orders.

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