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Remarkable Feats People Have Done When In Danger
Ian Marsh
The fight or flight response can be a powerful instinct. In dangerous situations, people have achieved extraordinary feats when they've decided to stay and fight. In many cases, adrenaline kicks in, giving people superhuman strength and an indomitable will during a crisis (like when a mother lifts a car to save a child). Sometimes, it also gives us the ability to make quick decisions that help save the lives of others even when it means sacrificing ourselves. Ready to witness the triumph of the human spirit? Here are 25 Remarkable Feats People Have Done When In Danger!

Jim Sherman

Blind since birth, this hero heard his eighty-four-year-old neighbor, who was also blind, cry for help over a baby monitor and quickly sprung into action. While the house was on fire, he scaled a chainlink fence and went inside the house, found the woman, and pulled her outside.

Anthony Omari

This man and his mother ran theFaraja Children's Home in Ngong, Kenya, a place of refuge for children in a dangerous area. They housed up to 37 children. Omari was the only man on the premises and routinely chased off attackers. In one case, three men wielding machetes attacked him, and he fought them off with a hammer. Even when they struck him in the face with the machete, he kept fighting them off. Once he was fully successful, he locked all the children's doors to keep them safe.

Tom Boyle

While waiting his turn to pull into traffic, this man turned superhero witnessed a driver run over and drag a bicyclist under his Camaro down the street for a few seconds. Boyle jumped out to help, and without even thinking, somehow lifted the car off of the injured bicyclist while the driver pulled him out. It's your classic story of adrenaline-fueled power.

Charlotte Heffelmire

Similar to the previous story, this heroine also lifted a car off of someone; in this case, that someone was her dad. What makes this story unique is the fact that the car was also on fire, so after getting her dad out from under the car, she got in the burning vehicle and drove it away from her family's house before it could explode. Thankfully, everyone survived!

Christina Simoes

When trapped in her apartment with fire all around her, this mother of an eighteen-month-old did what she had to survive; she jumped out of a three-storywindow with her child. She suffered severe injuries to her back, but her child had just a scratch.

Maureen Lee

As this mother and her daughter walked on a trail near her home inBrackendale, B.C., a cougar attacked her daughter. Her maternal instincts kicked in, and she flung the 88 pound (40 kilogram) cougar off her daughter, grabbed her daughter, and took off running.

Lauren Kornacki

While her father worked on hisBMW 525i at their home inGlen Allen, Va., this hero found him trapped underneath the car and unconscious. He wasn't breathing and his heart had stopped. Yelling for her mom to call 911, she sprang into action and lifted the car up and off her father. She instantly started CPR and after two mouth-to-mouths and three sets of chest compression, he started breathing again.

Rukhsana Kausar

WhenPakistani militants entered her home, demanding food and beds for the night, this twenty-one-year-old woman's father refused, and he was beaten for it. In response, she struck one of them with an ax, took their AK-47, and shot the terrorist dead. She continued to shoot at the other militant as he ran away. Police hailed her bravery and nominated her for the president's gallantry award.

Lydia Angyiou

Living in a small village of three-hundred people near the Hudson Bay in Quebec, this mother turned around and saw a polar bear sizing up herseven-year-old son. She told the surrounding children to run and got in between the bear and her son, immediately kicking and punching it. When it swatted at her with its paw, knocking her down, it got on top of her, but she kicked at its legs with a bicycle motion. A neighbor heard the noise and brought a gun, firing a few warning shots, before firing at the bear and killing it. Fortunately, this brave mother only suffered a few scratches and a black eye.

Wim Hof

This man has 26 world records specifically within cold endurance. Performing great feats while in dangerous situations is practically his entire life. His entire body remained in ice for one hour and fifty-two minutes once, and he ran up Mount Everest in shorts. Because of these feats and many more, he's nicknamed "The Iceman."

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