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Signs She Wants You to Come Talk to Her at the Bar
Kara Menard
You've likely experienced the eye lock moment with a woman across the bar at least a time or two (or maybe more times than you can count, good lookin'). But you don't want to be that creepy guy who approaches a female who isn't feeling it. So if you're wondering whether you should make a move, look for the following not-so-subtle hints that she'd welcome your company

1. She locks eyes with you more than once:The first time your eyes meet, it can be human nature to quickly look away. But if she's interested, you'll catch her glancing back again. It's not an accident.

2. She scopes out your left hand:This is one might be tricky to notice, but if she's interested, she's going to want to make sure you're available. If her gaze moves toward your (presumably ring-less) left hand, she's into you.

3. She smiles your way:A smile is always a good sign. It's a bolder move than simply a glance. And girls, especially hot ones, don't send out that vibe unless they mean it.

4. She has the girl gang checking you out:If her friends are looking in your direction with a friendly demeanor, there's a good chance she voiced her interest to the ladies. Now she's hoping for their approval. But she's also letting you know she's interested.

5. She's flipping her hair:Once she knows you're looking at herand hopefully interestedshe's going to want to make sure you notice that she looks good. She might stand up a little taller, or evenplay with her haira bit. These little moves are her ways of flirting from afar.

6. She won't let up:Some ladies are at the bar to talk to multiple guys and get free drinks from anyone offering. If that's the case, she won't bother looking at you for too long if you won't come over right away. But, if she keeps looking back, it's time to drop the wallflower act and walk on over.

7. She dances her way over to your general area:Ifit's a bar where she can dance, she'll be dancing next to you if she's into you. She'll grab her friends and position them strategically in front of you, so she can dance with her back to you nonchalantly but have her friends check to make sure you're looking.

8. She sends you a drink:This is an obvious, bold moveand it probably doesn't need much explaining. But if she calls the bartender over to play the middle man, and sends a drink your way, it'd be rudenot to come talk to her.

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Kara Menard: Genius, filmmaker, serial careerist, unicorn rrider. I will lick you if you come into my personal space.
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