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These Heartwarming Photos Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity
Jonah Ryan
We're barraged every day with stories and photos and videos of all that's wrong with the world, so it's no wonder people tend to forget the acts of kindness that people across the globe perform every single day.

Take a look at the list below of all the kindness going on in the world, and keep them on recall whenever news of mass shootings, hairy international incidents or political disputes are dragging you down. If you've lost your faith in humanity, or fear you will soon, these photos should put a skip in your step.

1. A man on the verge of winning the London Marathon stopped to help a struggling competitor, then led him across the finish line so he could win instead.

2. When they found out their teacher's kitten had died, her students surprised her with a new one

3. A city worker collected a bunch of dirty blankets from a park, washed and folded them, then returned them to the park

4. This man's dog can't walk anymore, so he takes her out for her daily walks in a wheelchair

5. These garbage men decide to take a much-needed break on a playground

6. During a rainstorm, a Wendy's employee removed an outside umbrella and used it to shield an elderly man

7. During a protest in Brazil, a general asked people not to fight on his birthday. The protesters made him a birthday cake

8. A young boy with an inoperable brain tumor was sworn in as his city's youngest police officer

9.A woman cut holes in the privacy fence between her house and her neighbors all so thecurious German shepherdnext door could have some company while her owners were away

10.After a woman became trapped in the gap, commuters in Japan worked together to push a 32-ton train car away from the platform

11.Window washers in Memphis dress up as superheroes to cheer up children in a hospital

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