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This Is What The Position Of Your Birthmark Says About You
Alex Bourque
Almost everyone has a birthmark of some sort and they're one of the many wonderful things that make us humans unique. According to science, birthmarks appear on our bodies due to an excess in the production of melanin during our time in the womb.

It's a process that you can learn more about in the video below:

However, some people believe that there is a lot more to birthmarks than that. They believe that birthmarks can be used to predict our luck, our life choices and our overall personalities.

So without further ado, this is what the position of your unique birthmark says about you...

1. Near your lips

If you happen to have a birthmark situated on your upper lip, you're more likely than your peers to be straightforward and can sometimes be perceived as being blunt. You don't believe in holding back when it comes to your personal opinions which can sometimes lead to tension between you and the people you associate with.

2. On your left cheek

Being born with a birthmark on your left cheek could be a troubling sign that you will experience financial difficulties later on in life. However, it also signifies that you have enough strength of character to be able to handle such a situation.

3. On your right cheek

People who sport a birthmark on their right cheek tend to be very passionate. They have drive and ambition in spades and are always looking to pursue new endeavors.

4. On your stomach

Those who have a birthmark on their bellies tend to be fairly content with their lives. They are usually at peace with themselves and those around them and rarely come across any real conflict in their lives. They enjoy sharing laughter with loved ones and try to avoid any negative vibes.

5. On your chin

If you happen to have a birthmark on your chin, this could mean that you will develop more of a strong-willed personality than your peers. Other people might perceive you as short-tempered, but you're happy to be the kind of person that doesn't hold back when you are unfairly provoked.

6. On your arms

A birthmark on the arm means that you're patient and strive to always do the right thing even if it's not easy. You're able to stand up and be counted when it really matters. If you're a man and have a birthmark on your arm, bizarrely, it's a sign that you'd rather stay at home with your kids than be out at work all day. The opposite is true for women with birthmarks on their arms - they'd rather be out at work.

7. On the right side of your forehead

If you were born with a birthmark on your forehead, it is very likely that you have good leadership qualities. Those around you look up to you as you seem to always know the right course of action to take in a predicament. It's also a sign that you've got a good brain in your head too.

8. On your shoulders

This also signifies that you carry considerable weight on your shoulders, which naturally feels like a burden. You feel that there are certain responsibilities that you are under pressure to carry out. However, you are and probably always have been a strong person, and so you always manage to find a way to deal with this burden in the best possible way.

9. On your feet

This indicates that you tend to be a bit of a trendsetter. You're very influential in your circles, and people often hang onto your every word because they have a great deal of respect for you. What's more is that if you happen to have a birthmark on your heel, it's a sign that you're a fighter but not in a good way. If you have a birthmark here, you'll likely fall out with a lot of people over the course of your life.

10. On your breast

If you've got a birthmark on your breast, it's a sign that you're a lucky person and have a bright future ahead of you. In short, you're the kind of person who makes the most of your life. If it's on or under your left breast, it means you'll be successful in the workplace - even if that success comes from hard work. Whereas if it's on or under you're right breast, whatever you want in life will come to you easily.

11. On your thigh

This signifies that you are the kind of person who tends to think a lot about things. You're more likely to be an introvert because you ponder over certain issues in your head rather than vocalize and discuss them with other people. However, a birthmark on your thigh isn't all doom and gloom. It's also an omen of wealth and happiness - and let's face it, you can't have too much of either!

12. On your nose

This birthmark position indicates that you're most likely to grow up to be a very caring and generous person who has plenty of love to share around. You tend to be well-liked by people because they're so captivated by your loving nature.

13. On the left side of your forehead

A birth on the left side of your forehead is a strong indicator that you're creative and that you've got the drive you need to achieve your goals. But it's also an omen that you're not the luckiest person in the world, so if you've got one, at least you have the drive to turn things around.

14. On your palms

The location of this birthmark is no accident. If you've got a birthmark on your hands, it means that you're in control of your actions. You know that you want and you're more than willing to chase after it. It's also a reflection of a generous and open-minded personality.

15. On your chest

This is another birthmark which has a significant location and represents a good heart. If you've got a birthmark on your chest, you love other people unconditionally and, when it comes to your romantic life, even if you haven't already, you'll find true love.

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