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Tiny Dog Refuses To Let Pig Sleep Immediately Regrets It When He Finally Wakes Up!
Gavin Martin
Remember when you were a kid and you got up before everybody else, and you weredesperateto go out and play but didn't have anyone to play with?

Maybe you "accidentally" turned up the volume on the TV a little too loud, or "accidentally" dropped a plate, or some other diabolical play to help move things along.It doesn't take much to wake up some people, but deep sleepers call for desperate measures

At least, that's what this adorable little husky mix discovered.

His pal was in such a deep slumber thathe was snoring, but this playful little husky just couldn't wait any longer.

"Wake! Up! It's time to play!"

The husky barks and growls to no avail. Then he abandons all sense of decency and personal space and startsjumpingon the pig! Not just once, not twice, but for a full 25 seconds!

Well, careful what you wish for, buddy.

Remember the famous quote about "awakening a sleeping giant"? The split-second Mr. Pig starts lumbering to his feet, the husky's sense of self-preservation kicks in and he'soutta there.

It's either that or the little guy just wants the pig to engage in a game of chase.

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