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Tiny Husky Doesn't Know How To Howl Until Dad Shows Her
Kara Menard
I somehow always believed that huskies, which are famous for their vocalizations, were just kind of born knowing how to howl. And I guess I always just assumed lions automatically knew how to roar, at least until readingthis story.

But humans don't automatically know how to talk just as birds don't immediately know how to fly so it would make sense that huskiesalsodon't automatically know how to howl. I grew up near a hospital and our German shepherd completely ignored all the sirens until the day my dad encouraged her to imitate a passing ambulance. We could never shut her up after that. (Good going, Dad.)

A similar thing happened to little Summer. She's a Kolu husky,a mix between a Siberian husky, an American Eskimo, and a Samoyed.

But that doesn't mean she doesn't love the warm weather. She and her mom and dad, Tiffany and Donovan, live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Summer is almost six months old, but she isn't very vocal. (She is VERY cute, though!)

And she's not without husky qualities she's very curious, high-energy, and loves to play!

Recently, though, Tiffany wrote on her Facebook page, "Summer never howls until Daddy tries to show her how to be a "real" husky."

In it, Summer and her dad can be seen relaxing on the couch then Dad lets out a howl.

His imitation is pretty cute but when Summer joins in? Forget about it! Though her dad'simpression is more husky-like,Donovan's got nothing on little Summer's adorable squeaks.

Watch this little pipsqueak's adorable attempts at howling in the video below, and besureto share this to spread some smiles!

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