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Wow! This 80-Year-Old Man Built A Dog Train To Give Stray Dogs New Adventures
Gavin Martin
80-year-old, Eugene Bostick is a retired man who lives in Fort Worth Texas, and he spends his days on one of the coolest trains ever made. He made a train just for rescued stray dogs to ride on to give them a sense of adventure. Eugine and his brother Corky live on the same dead- end street and a lot of people abandon their dogs there. Eugene gave them a place to live and adopted the stray dogs he and would take them for rides on his tractor. He started making his dog train by attaching carts to the tractor and now whenever the dogs see or hear him hooking up the tractor to the train carts they can't wait for their next ride.

It started with just four dogs and a tractor

Soon more dogs showed up and Eugine turned the tractor into a train for the pooches

Eugine takes the dogs out on the train twice a week

Take a look atthe video below:

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